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Cloud Mac servers on-demand

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Your Mac in the Cloud

With MacWeb.com, use a Mac from any location and any platform. Your dedicated Mac is always in the cloud.

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Powered by the M1 processor

Apple Silicon configurations will blow your mind with maxi possibilities. We also offer volume options in a rack.

Easy to Buy and Setup

A service built for the best user experience. Select a configuration and instantly use your Mac remotely.

Intel Options

We also have offers with Intel processor and virtualization software.

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• Cloud Mac mini on-demand
• Instant provision
• Dedicated server for each order
• You're in total control (full root access)
• Run any apps you want
• No contract required
• macOS Monterey installed
• M1 based, Intel, ESXi, Mac Pro options


• No hardware to purchase
• Access to your new Mac in less than 5 minutes
• No hardware to ship to us
• Simplicity at all levels
• Remote access from any device (Mac, PC,..)
• Wicked fast internet
• More secure than other platforms

Website hosting option

We are also offering a website hosting service for Wordpress, ExpressionEngine and other open source engines. With our cloud service, you can setup your own instance in less than two minutes (operating on shared Mac servers)