Frequently Asked Questions

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Instant Configurations

We not NOT require a service contract for all on-demand single-node Mac mini OC2 instance. For custom and volume orders we may require a service contract depending on the Mac mini configuration and quantity needed. Need to custom build your own private cloud with a Mac mini OC2 cluster? Simply use our Volume Order page or contact support.

Mac mini OC2 instances are charged to your credit card each month on the day that you first ordered service. You may cancel service at any time, but payments are not refunded for unused time that month.

As a service to our customers we will register, renew, or transfer your domain name(s). The cost for a new registration, renewal, or transfer varies by TLD but is usually around $20/yr which covers the ICANN fee. Contact support with the domain name and instructions. Domain name transfers to require that the domain name at the current registrar is unlocked, and that you have the AuthCode to validate the transfer. DNS hosting of your domain name is free.

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