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You can do anything you want with your Mac in the cloud. You can download Xcode for FREE from the App Store located in Applications folder. You can also download it from Apple developer website.

We added a dedicated page to showcase the difference. The GeekBench result is about version 6 in Multi Core.

It's often recommended to clear the memory of your Mac. This can be done by restarting a Mac.
You can setup it with a specific schedule by using the terminal:

Yes, since the beginning of October 2023, you can now remotely force a restart of your cloud instance from your customer dashboard. 

macOS 14 Sonoma is available since September 26 th, 2023. It's a FREE upgrade for any Mac user. Just open the Mac App Store app and search for Sonoma. Then, in one click, you can upgrade your cloud Mac instance to it. Advice: keep your VNC connection open during the install and the reboot. There are no serious issues reported by users and customers at this time. We tested beta versions for months too. 

Apple's chip architecture represents a modern leap, grounded in ARM technology. Central to Apple's innovation is the integration of memory within the chip itself, referred to as unified memory. This revolutionary design achieves data processing excellence, boasting a remarkable data bandwidth of up to 800 GB per second, setting it apart from any competition. Ultra fusion technology to combine multiple chips is another advantage.

In contrast, Nvidia relies heavily on GPU processing with VRAM. With Apple Silicon, you harness the power of the CPU, RAM, GPU utilizing the Metal framework, and the Neural Engine, thereby providing a more diverse array of components for data processing. This multifaceted approach results in superior performance and cost-efficiency in many use cases.

One notable limitation at present is the capped RAM at 192 GB. However, it's worth noting that the forthcoming M3 generation is poised to address and overcome this limitation.

Apple iCloud+ service offers a seamless and secure solution for Mac backups. By utilizing iCloud+, you ensure that your important data, including documents, and settings, is continuously safeguarded and easily accessible across your Apple devices. It simplifies the backup process, automatically storing your desktop and documents in the cloud, eliminating the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or accidents. With iCloud+, you can also effortlessly restore your Mac to a previous state if needed. Moreover, iCloud+ provides robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of your data. It's a reliable and convenient way to keep your Mac and its data protected. Just go to System settings to enable it for your Mac in the cloud.
As an alternative, we can install an SSD disk on our network and you can use Apple TimeMachine. Contact the support team for this possbility.

Yes, you can. Swift is open source and cross platforms, not limited to native apps. To learn more:

With Bare Metal, you gain direct access to the physical servers without any virtualization layer in between. This means you can harness the full power of the underlying hardware, making it suitable for running even the most resource-intensive workloads.

In a Bare Metal environment, the entire server hardware is exclusively allocated to you. There are no noisy neighbors or shared resources to contend with. Plus, you don't need to worry about resource limits like CPU and IOPS, as there are no metered restrictions. This creates a truly single-tenant environment, free from the performance variations associated with virtualization.

Bare Metal gives you unfettered access to all server resources, without any virtualization layers in the way. This level of control is ideal for resource-intensive applications or workloads that require a dedicated, non-virtualized environment.

In summary, bare metal configurations provide unparalleled performance, isolation, and control compared to virtual machines, making them a preferred choice for demanding computing needs.

The Mac Studio M2 Ultra is as fast as the new Mac Pro. The main difference is about extension capabilities as the Mac Pro is featuring six PCI slots for SSD storage cards, with more advanced networking possibilities too like fiber PCI cards. Both machines have an incredible level of performance. The integrated neural engine is capable of 31 trillion machine learning operations per second.

It's very simple with VNC protocol for full remote control or via SSH for simple UNIX commands.
Many apps for Mac, Windows or Linux are available. Check our tools page.
NEW: From the customer dashboard, you can now do it from one click. 

Simply login to your remote cloud Mac mini or Mac Studio instance:

For macOS Ventura/Sonoma:

1) Open "System Settings...".
2) Logout of iCloud and Find My.
3) Select General settings, and then "Transfer or Reset".
4) Click "Erase all content and settings" button.
5) Confirm as requested you really want to wipe clean all data.
6) Login to your account on MacWeb website and click on “Cancel your subscription” in the list of your orders.

For macOS Monterey:

1) Open "System Preferences" application.
2) Logout of iCloud and Find My.
3) Select "Erase all content and settings" from "System Prefs" menu.
4) Confirm as requested you really want to wipe clean all data.
5) Login to your account on MacWeb website and click on “Cancel your subscription” in the list of your orders.

No, it's not needed to have any account to place an order. If you have one, it just make the process easier. If you create an account later, your orders will be automatically displayed if you are using the same email.

Mac mini or Mac Studio instances are charged to your credit card each month on the day that you first ordered service. You may cancel service at any time, but payments are not refunded for unused time that month.

As a service to our customers we will register, renew, or transfer your domain name(s). The cost for a new registration, renewal, or transfer varies by TLD but is usually around $20/yr which covers the ICANN fee. Contact support with the domain name and instructions. Domain name transfers to require that the domain name at the current registrar is unlocked, and that you have the AuthCode to validate the transfer. DNS hosting of your domain name is free.

We do NOT require a service contract for all on-demand single-node Mac mini or Mac Studio instance. For custom and volume orders we may require a service contract depending on the Mac configuration and quantity needed. Need to custom build your own private cloud with a Mac cluster? Simply use our Quotes form.

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