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  • Jun 09 2023
    News Updated pricing, configurations

    With Apple news of the week, it was time to say good bye to the Intel configurations. We updated our offers with more choice and better configurations, all powered by Apple silicon processor. If you still need Intel configurations, just request a quote.

  • Jun 05 2023
    News Updated quote page

    From Apple news of this morning, we updated the quote request form integrating the new Mac Studio and the new Mac Pro

  • Apr 28 2023
    News Improved website

    We tweaked many parts of the website for the best user experience. A new service section is describing where we can help for any project related to Mac servers.

  • Apr 20 2023
    News Introducing MacWeb Servers 2.0

    Our freeware is getting a major update, it's a complete rewrite. You can now manage all the information related to your servers and third parties. You can protect the access with a password (AES encryption by default for all fields). Note: Data from version 1.x is not imported (both versions can co-exist side by side as the app name is different).

  • Apr 20 2023
    News Learn more about AI or Machine Learning models on a Mac server
  • Feb 08 2023

    The new 2023 Mac mini powered by M2 Pro Apple Silicon is now in stock and available as a cloud server at Our M2 Pro Mac mini servers come in two high-end configurations featuring 2nd-generation M2 Pro Apple Silicon processors with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core neural engine, integrated unified memory, and blazing-fast storage of 512GB or 1TB.

    2023 Mac mini with M2 Pro

    1) Apple Mac mini 10C M2PRO/16GB/512GB SSD (GOOD M2 PRO $120/mo)

    2) Apple Mac mini 10C M2PRO/32GB/1TB SSD (BEST M2 PRO $180/mo)

  • Feb 08 2023

    Save $20 AND get a free upgrade to 16GB of unified memory on the entry level GOOD M1 cloud Mac mini. Starting at the low cost of only $80 monthly there's never been a better time to replace an aging Mac internet server with a new cloud M1 Mac mini at

    2020 Mac mini with M1

    1) Apple Mac mini 8-Core M1/16GB/256GB SSD (GOOD M1 $80/mo)

    2) Apple Mac mini 8-Core M1/16GB/1TB SSD (BEST M1 $120/mo)

  • Dec 27 2022
    News The benefits of Mac servers

    We have a new video on YouTube explaining the benefits of Mac servers

  • Dec 26 2022
  • Dec 16 2022
    News Configurations delivered with macOS Ventura 13.1

    All our servers are now featuring macOS Ventura 13.1 by default for the best security and reliability

  • Nov 17 2022
  • Oct 18 2022
    News Updated accounts management

    From your list of orders, you can now stop a subscription with one click (the current month is always due) or update your billing information.

  • Jul 11 2022
  • Jun 15 2022
  • May 13 2022
    News New website

    We are happy to introduce our new website with an easier navigation and more content. We are also offering a full dark mode for the best user experience.

  • Apr 14 2022
  • Apr 09 2022
    News The Mac Studio is available

    The revolutionary M1 Ultra processor is bringing servers to a new level of performance.

    You can now order or request a quote for volume options

  • Mar 14 2022
  • Mar 09 2022
  • Feb 09 2022
  • Jan 12 2022
  • Dec 15 2021
  • Nov 01 2021
    News macOS Monterey is available

    macOS Monterey is now installed by default on all our  available configurations for better performance and security.

  • Oct 14 2021
  • Jun 14 2021
  • Mar 15 2021
    News Improved security

    For new orders, we are no longer accepting free email accounts. We also improved the security of transactions detecting stolen credit cards with our partner Stripe.

  • Feb 19 2021
    News Video on YouTube

    We made a video showcasing our service on YouTube. You can see it on this channel :

  • Feb 18 2021
    News A French version of our website is available

    As we plan to host servers in Europe soon, we built a French version of our website. Bienvenue à nos visiteurs francophones !

  • Feb 15 2021
  • Feb 14 2021
  • Feb 12 2021
    News Improved support website

    As we believe that great technical support is key to strong user satisfaction, we tweaked many things. You can add attachments to your support requests, even to your replies (an account is needed). You will automatically receive notifications of answers and you can close a ticket when a problem is solved. We love feedback and new ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Jan 20 2021
  • Jan 14 2021
    News New website available

    We just opened our new website with more options and features than ever. We updated many pages with more information about our services and more details on our offers. As we have a high demand on Mac servers, we are committed to keep most configurations available in “Instantly” mode (ready in less than 5 minutes after you place an order)

    You can now create an account and manage your orders, see your servers. As we believe in simplicity, you do not have to create an account to place an order. It's possible to create the account later. If you use the same email, your orders will automatically appears.

  • Jan 06 2021
  • Jul 30 2020
    News All configs of Mac mini MC2 instances are now available instantly.

    Just received a new shipment of brand new 2020 Apple Mac mini servers. All configurations of Mac mini MC2 instances are now available instantly. This includes the Good i3 Mac mini with 16GB memory and the Best i7 Mac mini with 64GB of memory.

  • Feb 06 2019