Swift on servers solve problems

You can also use Swift language for your back-end needs

A solution making sense

Swift language is not reserved to native apps. You can also use it for the back-end infrastructure of your mobile or desktop apps. MacWeb Computing is commited to help developers for projects requiring back-end operations. Swift’s use of ARC (instead of tracing garbage collection) and its lack of JIT gives it an important edge in the cloud services space. Only one language to use!



Vapor is more than just a web framework. The project includes over a hundred official and community maintained server-first Swift packages.



Cross-platform asynchronous event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high performance protocol



Hummingbird consists of three main components, the core HTTP server, a minimal web application framework and the extension modules.

Web server


Perfect is a web server and toolkit for developers using the Swift programming language to build applications and other REST services.



Feather is a modern Swift-based content management system powered by Vapor 4. Feather CMS is currently under construction.



Launch and grow your app 10x faster with a huge collection of sample code, design resources, and marketing guides.

We believe in Swift on servers

You can use any language on a Mac server, but we are confident that Swift is going to get traction. If you have a stack helping developers to use Swift on servers, we can showcase your solution on this page. It's 100% FREE.

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